What’s Trending For London Homes in 2018

2017 was a great year for homeowners in London and Hertfordshire and we have seen a upsurge in new and innovative ways to open up your space in your home. More and more homeowners looked for loft conversions and kitchen extensions in 2017 and this trend doesn’t look like it is going to falter going in to 2018.

So we thought we would check out what is going to be hot in 2018 and what homeowners may want to look out for that will help increase the value of properties and ensure that your home is still desirable should you ever want to sell in the future.

So, in 2018 what should you be looking at in terms of house building trends?

The Hygge Trend

Hygge is the Danish word for well being and over the last 12 months we have seen this trend become more and more popular. London homes are adopting this well being feeling into the build of the homes and this achieved by using simple and more neutral materials to create the contemporary feel with the use of time defying features such as bare brick walls with the log burning stoves and creating the warm features such as exposed RSJ’s when appropriate with contemporary furniture.

Scandinavian techniques are always popular, but we are not talking IKEA, we are looking in to more artisan designs such as stripped parquet flooring and more clean plastering.

London homes have been adopting this method now for a year and we feel that in 2018 our customers are going to be looking more into this as well being and build work closer together to help define modern day building techniques in North London and Herts.

Open Plan Living – But A Splash of Privacy

We all know that North London homes can be on the small side if budget doesn’t allow for the bigger houses in the area, but we know that opening up your space in the build is always a build factor and open plan living gives you the space to entertain and dine and bring the wow factor to any home. However, you may want open plan living but you will also want a room in the home that has privacy which could be a reception room at the front or even a snug area in your home where you can truly get away and relax. This is perfect if you have kids too, as the oldies always need a space to unwind and relax. Snugs can be built in with partition walls off the main area and are pretty cost effective.

Crittall Doors

Are you looking for timeless elegance? Then look no further than crittall doors, this is the creme de la creme of aluminium windows and doors and those in the know, know that nothing is better than Crittall. The designs are stunning and with the new and improved advances in glazing we are seeing more and more and people choose them for kitchen extensions and home extensions rather than choosing bifolding doors. You have the cross over of contemporary with the feel of traditional which is a winning formula going in to 2018.

If you are thinking of extending your property in 2018 then crittall windows and doors should be on your list.


When you think of Barnet, Herts and London there are certain types of property that come to mind. For places like Muswell Hill you can find lovely Edwardian Terraces with stunning sash sliding windows that are architecturally different to the homes say of the Victorian era. Victorian homes are more common in the North London areas and harp back to the gothic times. So, preserving the feel of your home period property is important so you need to keep working on small cosmetic changes such as maybe aluminium windows to the rear but keep the front face of the building true to the street.

Also, it is about using materials from the local area too, this is also important in keeping the aesthetics of the home to the London area and also help the local economy which is always nice to buy local.

Where Home Office Meets Home

With the rise of technology we are seeing more and more homeowners working from home and there needs to be a balance in the home where you can separate the work environment from the main part of the house. When some homes lack space, new and innovative ways of creating space where you can concentrate away from the kids and distractions that home offices can bring. You’ll need to be creative, but this is where a good home builder comes in to play.

  • You will need to be in a great wifi area or close to ethernet points or the router in the home.
  • You want as much light as possible as this is where you will spend most of your waking day.
  • Try to sound proof the partition walls around the room.
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