The Foster and Co Group Triumph with a Timber Frame


At the Foster and Co Group it is important to support new innovations in design and construction. The Timber Frame method is growing in popularity and in particular across the pond in the US, it is becoming the must have methods for home builders and extenders.

An Article in the Construction Index in 2012 predicted a fast and successful rise for the Timber Frame industry in the UK and although hit by the recession slightly in 2013, good growth in 2014 means that the Luxury Lumber home industry is back on the rise and still on track to hit high targets for 2015!

An Architect with whom Foster and Co do much work with is also an advocate support of this method of building and has therefore worked with the Foster and Co Construction team to bring a design to life for current clients living in Barnet, Hertfordshire.

A Double storey extension which was only stated at the beginning of September, is in full swing with the main structure already up and looking fantastic! The momentum on the project is fantastic and the foster and Co Group are proud to see both happy tradesmen working with happy clients!

Timber Frame Buildings are have a various pros when compared with normal masonry buildings.

Below we have featured some of the most important advantages for clients who choose to build in this way.


It is the most obvious advantage of Timber Frames and one of the most attractive to Clients considering this type of construction. Not only is the actual construction more efficient and much quicker, but the Timber Frame allows all other trades such as Electrician and Plumbers to begin their works at a much earlier stage.

The weather in the UK is a sure fire way to postpone your build with many trades and bricklayers especially not being able to work in damp cold conditions. With a Timber Frame, this issue is solved due to the fact that the Timber Frame itself needs to be made water tight much earlier in the build therefor the rainy, grey days will not hinder progress the way it would with a masonry construction.

The Quality

Due to strict guidelines that apply to Timber Frames, which are in fact much sterner that that of a masonry build due to the sometime complex design, you can almost guarantee that provided the construction is properly supervised and managed, as Foster and Co always do, the Timber construction will be accurately assembled and be of the highest quality.

Energy Efficiency

The modern world offers a very different specification for home building and renovation than it did even just ten years ago. Government guidelines and a general increase in concern for energy efficiency with home owners has meant that the majority of new buildings and extensions will not just be effective in conservation of energy due to preference, but also because of meeting the conditions set out by the Government. A major advantage of a Timber Frame is that the insulation is within the depth of the structure, so a typical timber wall can be thinner than its masonry equivalent, for example, by 50mm. Timber frame structures are said to perform much higher when tested for escaped air and heat compared to conventional masonry buildings and therefore can offer brilliant energy efficiency.

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