In 2015 The Foster and Co Group raised the standards of our Construction projects. The Extensions that were produced were not just an addition of space, they were feats of design that accentuated the original building whilst creating an entirely new living space. We found that our clients were looking to move in to modern living which not only included open plan spaces but also clever storage and smart technology. People are really thinking about how to use their homes and how they will grow in to them over the years. It seems to be a common consensus that whilst in previous years, families would move on to bigger properties to sustain their ever expanding families, home owners now realise that with the housing market still barely grasping at its prior success, Renovation is the better and sometimes, the only option.

That being said, it seems that when faced with limited options, rather than make do, Property owners are using the opportunity to explore what is really possible in designing their new home. Why build just an extra room when you could create something amazing with imaginative glazing, inventive use of levels and space and stunning features like contemporary staircase, slick kitchens and impressive angels.

An article that shows the true modern age of design and construction was featured in the Daily Mail on 10th December and discusses the awards for you the 2015 Don’t Move, Improve! Awards. The projects featured are similar to our own gallery and show how to really utilize your property and in particular the constrictive space that many London home owners have to work with. To read this article or view our gallery, please click the links below or to speak to the Foster and Group about your ideas for an upcoming project, contact our office now.

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A Beautiful House To Give Inspiration On Your North London Construction Project!


At Foster and Co, we believe in beautiful design and stunning Construction. Although of course, we set our standards high, it is always inspirational for us to see amazing homes across the country. Whilst researching current news on Construction in the UK, I came across a great property in Hyde Heath, Buckinghamshire with an outstanding feature that even the most mature of us would appreciate!

At the bottom of a fantastically big garden sites a true feat of brilliant construction and most importantly, fun design.   The fully functional Tree House is described in the article as supported by four Douglas firs and a cypress… double-glazing, a wood-burning stove, an electricity supply, hot and cold running water, a television and a coffee-maker. It has 160 sq ft. of indoor floor space and 120 sq ft. of outdoor decking, and can sleep up to five people in its ‘loft beds’, reached by ladders.

Foster and Co love imaginative construction. Whether this is inside a property or in the garden, it is always great to see such inventive ideas which can make a building a home.

Obviously there were extensive construction works in the house as well at creating the tree house. The work is described as the house being completely gutted and taken back to brick. A basement was added as was a full Loft conversion. The finished house is made up of three stories with six bedrooms and two bathrooms.

If you are considering you own Construction Project in North London or Hertfordshire then please contact the Foster and Co Group now where our helpful office team will be more than happy to assist you as best they can. You can also click on the Foster and Co gallery Link for more inspiration


The Makeover! See Before And After Shots Of Our Extension and Loft Conversion Projects!

See The WOW Factor With Our Extension And Loft Converison Make Overs!



The Foster and Co Group know that when you see your finished extension or loft conversion, it’s hard to remember how far that you have come!

The Foster and Co Group have found some old images of two of our properties before we completed the extension and loft conversion. Sometimes the difference at the front of the house is subtle and may not showcase how much work has gone in to the interior and the rear of the house. In others, as you can see with Friern Watch, the House had a substantial build and the change in the property is quite dramatic.

The Foster and Co Group are thrilled when we see such a great property transformed in to an incredible home. We feel that it is a credit to the entire team from our office staff who keep the company running to the trade team who are able to create such stunning builds!

Check out our Gallery on our Construction site as well as on our dedicated Loft Conversion site, just click on the links in this blog for more inspiration for your own property!




Great Design Can Make A House A Home – Your Build in North London and Hertfordshire

Why Your Build In North London And Hertfordshire Needs A Great Design!

The Foster and Co Group are avid followers of great design. Your Build in North London or Hertfordshire should not only comply with planning regulations but also be designed in a beautiful and functional way. A great design for domestic development can turn your existing property in to something incredible, either using intelligent use of space to provide storage or brilliant features which can boost the financial value of your home. Whatever your reason is for taking on a Build in North London or Hertfordshire, good design should be a high priority.

An Article published in Luxury Homes and Property on 23rd September 2015 discusses a Notting Hill typical terraced property which has now doubled in value due to a brilliant Extension. This is mainly due to a great design which has accentuated every crevice and corner of the existing building and extended cleverly in the unused space. The extension uses double height where it can which give the illusion it is much bigger than it is. Double height ceilings also allow for clever glazing ideas to let in as much light as possible.

The Foster and Co Group are Construction Company that are able to work with our client in order to achieve the absolute most out of their build. Not only do we offer a budget matching service where we can submit design ideas which incorporate all your key features but within your budget but also we can assist on recommendations as the project evolves.

It is common knowledge in the building Industry that projects are subject to change whilst the building progresses. This is because drawings do not give the three dimension building full credit and often when a build begins to take shape, certain areas may need to be changed due to client preference or simple design aesthetics.

The Foster and Co Team are extremely experienced in completing a high quality Build in North London and Hertfordshire. We have perfected our talent at producing beautiful structures that have truly changed the home owner’s lives and we hope you too are inspired by our Projects.

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The Foster and Co Group Triumph with a Timber Frame


At the Foster and Co Group it is important to support new innovations in design and construction. The Timber Frame method is growing in popularity and in particular across the pond in the US, it is becoming the must have methods for home builders and extenders.

An Article in the Construction Index in 2012 predicted a fast and successful rise for the Timber Frame industry in the UK and although hit by the recession slightly in 2013, good growth in 2014 means that the Luxury Lumber home industry is back on the rise and still on track to hit high targets for 2015!

An Architect with whom Foster and Co do much work with is also an advocate support of this method of building and has therefore worked with the Foster and Co Construction team to bring a design to life for current clients living in Barnet, Hertfordshire.

A Double storey extension which was only stated at the beginning of September, is in full swing with the main structure already up and looking fantastic! The momentum on the project is fantastic and the foster and Co Group are proud to see both happy tradesmen working with happy clients!

Timber Frame Buildings are have a various pros when compared with normal masonry buildings.

Below we have featured some of the most important advantages for clients who choose to build in this way.


It is the most obvious advantage of Timber Frames and one of the most attractive to Clients considering this type of construction. Not only is the actual construction more efficient and much quicker, but the Timber Frame allows all other trades such as Electrician and Plumbers to begin their works at a much earlier stage.

The weather in the UK is a sure fire way to postpone your build with many trades and bricklayers especially not being able to work in damp cold conditions. With a Timber Frame, this issue is solved due to the fact that the Timber Frame itself needs to be made water tight much earlier in the build therefor the rainy, grey days will not hinder progress the way it would with a masonry construction.

The Quality

Due to strict guidelines that apply to Timber Frames, which are in fact much sterner that that of a masonry build due to the sometime complex design, you can almost guarantee that provided the construction is properly supervised and managed, as Foster and Co always do, the Timber construction will be accurately assembled and be of the highest quality.

Energy Efficiency

The modern world offers a very different specification for home building and renovation than it did even just ten years ago. Government guidelines and a general increase in concern for energy efficiency with home owners has meant that the majority of new buildings and extensions will not just be effective in conservation of energy due to preference, but also because of meeting the conditions set out by the Government. A major advantage of a Timber Frame is that the insulation is within the depth of the structure, so a typical timber wall can be thinner than its masonry equivalent, for example, by 50mm. Timber frame structures are said to perform much higher when tested for escaped air and heat compared to conventional masonry buildings and therefore can offer brilliant energy efficiency.

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North London and Hertfordshire Builders are a success!

The construction industry shows off its fantastic career prospects for North London and Hertfordshire Builders

There has been much media attention to how successful a career can be for North London and Hertfordshire Builders and in fact Builders across the whole of the UK. New CITB figures show that are described in an article from the Liverpool Echo show that construction industry outstrips average wage rates which would make you think that young people leaving school today would be jumping at the thought of getting in to the construction industry.

However, despite these new figures, the Industry is still suffering from a shortage of tradesmen. It seems that the preconceptions of heavy lifting and filthy work sites are still strong and the thought of working in a trade does not bring to mind intelligence, success and authority.

Foster and Co’s North London and Hertfordshire Builders are a great example of how wrong these preconceptions are. Our teams are made up of extremely skilled people who have not only perfected their abilities in beautiful builds but also have used their creativity and intellect to problem solve and move past challenges that we have faced on some of our projects. Our North London and Hertfordshire  builders are talented individuals who work together to create some stunning developments. From the mathematics in the structural calculations, to the client relations and the creative responses to evolving buildings, Our Foster and Co North London and Hertfordshire builders can be replied on to transform your property in to something beautiful.

Unfortunately, it is true that these brilliant North London and Hertfordshire builders are hard to find and in the words of an article published by Sourceable industry news and analysis; “a shortage of tradespeople and apprentices is threatening future productivity”

the article in the Liverpool echo goes on to describe an initiative where school leavers are urged to consider a career in the construction industry. Foster and Co whole heatedly support this and hope that more young people find out more about the fantastic opportunity for successful careers in our  Industry!


For more information on these articles click our Links and if you are interested in Foster and Co as a client or to start your career, contact our office now on 0208 441 3144.






Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds North London

Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds North London will transform your property with exceptional products and a professional service.


Foster and Co Windows and Bifolds North London is a sector of our Foster and Co Group that specialises in the supply and installation of top quality products. Our highly skilled and professional team will visit your property and submit a competitive quote that you can trust.

If you are interested in Windows and Bifolds North London then contact Foster and Co now for our expert team to start the process of surveying your property and discussing what styles will be best suited to you and your family.

Foster and Co windows and bifolds North London work with some of the most recognisable brands in the business to ensure your products are top quality. Brands like Shuco and Aluk are known for their reliability and modern style and with the highest security standards, Foster and Co can guarantee that you will feel safe. The Secured by Design is an official police security initiative and commands the highest possible security for doors and windows, Foster and Co are committed to this cause and are confident that you will feel protected in your home with our products.

Energy efficiency is a great concern for households across the UK, so much so, the Government has even committed to improving the energy efficient standards and making sure each and every window and door meets a strict performance criteria.

A window is awarded a Widow Energy Rating (WER) and is monitored by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC). Doors have to meet a specific ‘U’ value of 1.8W/m2k. This is a measure of heat loss through the door. All Foster and Co products not only meet, but often surpass these ratings so we can assure our clients that they will have the most effective and efficient products installed in their home.

For more information about Windows and Bifolds North London, please click the link and check out our website or call our office to speak with our team on 0208 441 3144