North London and Hertfordshire Builders are a success!

The construction industry shows off its fantastic career prospects for North London and Hertfordshire Builders

There has been much media attention to how successful a career can be for North London and Hertfordshire Builders and in fact Builders across the whole of the UK. New CITB figures show that are described in an article from the Liverpool Echo show that construction industry outstrips average wage rates which would make you think that young people leaving school today would be jumping at the thought of getting in to the construction industry.

However, despite these new figures, the Industry is still suffering from a shortage of tradesmen. It seems that the preconceptions of heavy lifting and filthy work sites are still strong and the thought of working in a trade does not bring to mind intelligence, success and authority.

Foster and Co’s North London and Hertfordshire Builders are a great example of how wrong these preconceptions are. Our teams are made up of extremely skilled people who have not only perfected their abilities in beautiful builds but also have used their creativity and intellect to problem solve and move past challenges that we have faced on some of our projects. Our North London and Hertfordshire  builders are talented individuals who work together to create some stunning developments. From the mathematics in the structural calculations, to the client relations and the creative responses to evolving buildings, Our Foster and Co North London and Hertfordshire builders can be replied on to transform your property in to something beautiful.

Unfortunately, it is true that these brilliant North London and Hertfordshire builders are hard to find and in the words of an article published by Sourceable industry news and analysis; “a shortage of tradespeople and apprentices is threatening future productivity”

the article in the Liverpool echo goes on to describe an initiative where school leavers are urged to consider a career in the construction industry. Foster and Co whole heatedly support this and hope that more young people find out more about the fantastic opportunity for successful careers in our  Industry!


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