5 Characteristics Of London Homes

Whether it is a nod to the past or a hopeful gaze to the future, trends continue to come and go, influencing the choices of many people all at once. You can tell you are in London just by looking at the buildings around you with grand Edwardian and Victorian buildings being converted tastefully with a nod to the past. When you’re looking for ideas of a  London property to bring to your own design, you want to make sure that whatever you do choose is up to date and trending. To try and ensure that you can choose the best possible trends for your London home, we’re compiling some of them here for you to look at. As the premier builders Barnet North London, we have a team of professional tradesmen as well as interior design ideas and concepts that will help you make a decision in your London home.

Bay windows – Make Them A Feature

bay window north London home

One trend which will look great is the addition of bay windows to your London home. The bay window has been in use since the Middle Ages but was most popular during the Victorian Era. The design itself uses some small and sometimes narrow windows which are all connected, which sometimes jut out from the wall they’ve been installed into. The bay window can be a desirable choice for a London property as the design carries an air of elegance and timelessness, and is equally at home in a more modern build as it would have been during the Victorian Era. 

Bricks and Brass – Open The Brickwork

This is a style which takes its roots from the Edwardian Era, but would still be perfect for your London property. The focus is primarily on exposing the core elements of the household, and not hiding from the foundations. This took shape in the form of exposed rustic brickwork, as well as brass knockers on the doors, and was a very traditional look, which was in keeping with the Edwardian style of mixing older ideas with what was new concepts at the time to create the best of both worlds. This design trend would look right at home in your London home, combining the best of modern architecture with an old fashioned traditional design.

Georgian Doors – Perfect For Period Properties

Looking now into the Georgian era of design, this is more of a focus on the door which serves as the main entrance into the property. The basic premise here is that the door was one of the first things that guests and the owner would see as they came closer to the property, so there was a large emphasis on making them look as regal as possible, in keeping with the elegant style which was present in a lot of Georgian design. The door would have been surrounded by columns and entablature, which was reminiscent of Roman architecture and added to the very over the top style, but a choice which worked very well. Regardless of where your property is in London, this trend would be right at home, combining two very elaborate yet sophisticated eras with your existing design work. 

Edwardian Feature Windows – Sash Windows Shine

Another type of trend which would work well for you is the feature windows which gained popularity in the Edwardian era. Taking an example from the Edwardian tradition of blending old and new concepts together, the feature window was something that was immensely popular and were often smaller in design, which helped to contribute to the quite picturesque feeling of the housing. They were often contrasted with the big extravagant windows of the Georgian era, which makes for a design which blends together better than you’d expect. This would be a great addition to your London property, helping to recapture some of the old-timey elegance and wonder that was prevalent in so much of the older building designs. 

Victorian Stucco – Central London Styling

Our final trend which would look stunning in a London home takes its conception from the Victorian era, which was the period that came before the colourful Edwardian time. While the bright colours and aesthetics of it’s successor were well received, they were in sharp contrast to the somewhat muted and darker look of the Victorian Era. The notion behind this one was to apply a substance called stucco, which was a plaster type material, over the brickwork on the housing to create something which resembled stone. The overall look and feel of the building reminds of an old fashioned church and castle and also pays homage to the churches and castles which were more commonly in use during that time.

Coming straight from the end of the industrial revolution, the design was part of a shift back towards traditional builds which came from the Tudor era of the country. As a nod to the past, while working with the future, this design trend would look very good within your London property, as a way of combining the very old designs with a new build of a house to bridge the gap between the eras.

Overall, these are the five design trends which would look good for your London home, while borrowing from older eras to create a vintage look. In what is considered a very modern era, with all the technological advancements that are happening every day, a return to older and more simplistic eras, such as the case of the Edwardian or Victorian times, could be seen as a stand against modernity and an attempt to preserve history. Alternatively, the extravagance and over the top nature of the Georgian design trends would fit in very well against a backdrop of modern technology, blending a new age touch with a nod to the past, united with the common aim of elegance and sophistication. The windows, which come from various eras, would all fit into London properties with ease, and depending on what you’re after can really change the look and feel of a property. The ornate and impressive looking door designs which were so popular with the Georgian era are similar to the type of work seen on government buildings and suggest class and sophistication. Alternatively, in a throwback to the traditional Tudor designs, the emulation of stone onto the walls of your properties could make for an extremely old fashioned, yet very popular design which has been present for hundreds of years and thus is considered timeless.

Here at Foster & Co we understand that each home is different, some homes we refurbish are done tastefully to a period property and other properties are completely modern and contemporary and we also have clients that fuse the two so we have the stunning exo skeleton of a Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian home fused with the modern interior and loft conversion to create extra space in the home. To thrive in the building market in London, you have to know London and the different property characteristics, this is where we come in, if you are looking to refurbish your home, add a loft or make any structural changes then why not speak to a member of our team today for a free consultation.

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