Foster and Co Construction has evolved over years of experience in the construction industry. Throughout this time, the team has learnt how best to work with our clients throughout the entire journey of their project and how to ensure that a reliable relationship of communication and confidence is formed for all parties involved.Foster and Co Group Logo

The first point of contact is our Office. This is an environment that has been developed in to a place of information and reassurance for our clients and with a friendly yet professional atmosphere, it is one aspect that makes Foster and co different to other builders in the industry. From the first enquiry, you will be secure in the knowledge that the team will listen to your needs and help finalise ideas that you have for your home.

Foster and Co will visit a variety of potential clients across north London and Hertfordshire. Whilst some clients are developers with a good knowledge of how to execute their project, we also meet with many people who are not familiar with the processes of design and construction. Foster and Co will be able to advise and guide you through the first stages of your project, setting up meetings with architects and structural engineers who our team know would be best suited to your individual build. As this process can be lengthy and confusing at times, the Foster and Co office are there to provide support and information, directing you towards decisions and helping you understand how to combine what you want with what is best for the structure of your property.

Another service that Foster and Co offer is an independent building control company who we have worked in partnership with for a number of years. This independent company will take on the communication with your Local Councils building control department and make sure that all in order. The independent building control inspectors work with Foster and Co to help simplify this necessary stage of your project 

If you would like to find out more about our how Foster and Co work and how our previous clients have found their experiences, have a read through our testimonials and contact our Office by email or telephone.